2020 O-Week Kit

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The official O-Week 2020 kit is the ultimate starter pack of Guelph Engineering merchandise. The kit features 3 exclusive items that you cannot get elsewhere. The coveralls (aka covies) are a must have. They start as a blank canvass and throughout your degree you can paint them, sew patches on them, trade parts of them for different colours, and so much more. Wear them at an engineering conference, during O-Week, or even Corn Roast. The O-Week shirt and patch changes theme every year, so this is your one chance to own something specific to your class. Supplies are limited, so seriously, do not miss out!

Shipping Note: O Week kits will be available for pick-up on campus on September 8th, shipping is no longer available.

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  • Exclusive O-Week 2020 Shirt in White (Little Buddies) ($15 value)*
  • Exclusive O-Week 2020 Theme Patch ($3 value)*
  • 1 of 3 Exclusive O-Week 2020 House Patches ($3 Value)*
  • Exclusive Coveralls ($45 value)*
  • Guelph Engineering String Bag ($5 value)
  • Guelph Engineering Face Mask ($10 Value)
  • Guelph Engineering Water Bottle ($10 value)
  • Guelph Engineering Card Holder ($3 value)
  • Guelph Engineering Sticker ($1 value)
  • Guelph Engineering 50th Anniversary Patch ($4 value)
  • and more!

Over $20 in savings!

*Remaining inventory may be sold after O-Week.